A coolant coalescer is designed to run continuously on an individual sump to help prevent the growth of bacteria by removing tramp oil and aerating the coolant.

The coalescer works by bringing dirty coolant in through the intake attachment to the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge removes chips and oil droplets which are manually discharged. Clean coolant is returned to the sump from the bottom of the coalescer.


  • Extends coolant life
  • Reduces coolant usage
  • Reduces rancidity and related problems such as dermatitis, misting

Proportioning Pumps

A proportioning pump is designed to assist with the mixing of coolants with water. The mixer accurately mixes fluid at a wide variety of concentrations.


  • Insure properly mixed fluid
  • Easy to use and install
  • Controls concentration -- minimizes concentrate usage
  • Reduces time & labor required to manually mix fluids

Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers are designed to remove tramp oil floating on the surface of metalworking fluids or cleaners. The oil skimmer is designed with an oil attracting belt developed to pick up free floating tramp oil from the surface of the coolant.

Chem Arrow offers different types of skimmers to meet the requirements of their customers.

Belt skimmers

Belt skimmers use a stainless steel or poly belt which is lowered into the coolant mixture. The belt moves through wiper blades that remove the oil from both sides of the liquid as it passes through the unit. The oil is then captured in a collection container.


  • Easy to install
  • Can remove up to 1 quart of tramp oil per hour
  • Ability to fit in small or shallow sumps
  • Variety of belt lengths from 24" to 10' foot drop (custom sizes available)

Disk skimmers

Disk skimmers use a disk that rotates through the metalworking fluid or cleaner. The tramp is removed from the disc by a wiper system.

The oil passes through the unit and is placed in a collection container. Disk skimmers function best when a significant proportion of the surface area is immersed in the fluid.


  • Heavy oil loads (up to 5 gallons per hour)
  • Capable of handling elevated fluid temperatures
  • Continuous duty
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy to install


A refractometer is a precision optical device designed to measure the concentration or mixture ratio of water soluble fluids. It helps determine the correct concentration of your metalworking fluid which helps optimize its performance.

Chem Arrow offers both traditional handheld refractometers and digital refractometers.


  • Easy to operate
  • Very portable
  • Helps control product usage
  • Minimizes overall operating costs

Applicator Systems for Fin Stamping (HVAC)

The Chem Arrow Wiper System is designed to control the amount of lube that is applied to both the top and bottom of the fin stock.

This simple system is ideal for use when applying low to zero VOC lubes and is adjustable to fine tolerances. It controls the lube film thickness on the fin stock prior to going into the piercing dies.

The wiper system unit can be made to fit any of the major press manufacturers' machines. It is mounted inside the dip tank and positioned behind the pinch rollers.


  • Reduces lube consumption by up to 50%
  • Low cost -- simple to use and maintain
  • Minimizes the problem of excess lube at the brazing line, leak testers, and packaging
  • Keeps the work area clean from dripping lube
  • Cleans away aluminum fines from the fin stock, preventing them going into the dies
  • Provides significant savings