Shipping to Winnipeg, Manitoba

With daily shipments from its Canadian distribution centre in Hamilton, Chem Arrow offers fast shipping of industrial metalworking fluids, lubricants, cleaners and specialty chemical products throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada, and is the primary municipality of the Winnipeg Capital Region, with more than half of Manitoba's population. Its location in the centre of the continent means that the city benefits from being in North America's central time zone, Winnipeg is the ninth largest city in Canada and dominates the Manitoba economy. Winnipeg has a diversified economy, with sectors in finance, manufacturing, food and beverage production, culture, retail and tourism. Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. is strategically focused on stimulating economic and tourism growth and development for the city of Winnipeg.

Metalworking Fluids & Industrial Lubricants
for Winnipeg Businesses

Chem Arrow is dedicated to technological innovation and supporting industry in Winnipeg with the development of lubricants and metalworking fluids.

Working with companies around the world, Chem Arrow has developed and blended lubricants for numerous applications including general manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, HVAC, aluminium extrusion, forging, die casting, metal fabrication, machining and tube bending.

With manufacturing locations on three continents and over 35 years experience in developing customized formulations for customers, Chem Arrow is large enough to handle a wide variety of client needs, yet flexible enough to provide individual, personalized service to support the unique requirements of businesses in Winnipeg.