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ArrowStamp lubricants are formulated with some of the most advanced anti-friction and "extreme pressure" technology to prevent metal to metal contact with tooling, dies, and finished components.

The ArrowStamp product line has been developed to provide superior performance and overall cost effectiveness while being compatible with today’s stringent operating and environmental standards.

Chem Arrow's new line of synthetic metal forming lubricants utilizes sophisticated polymer and bio based "vegetable" technology to help promote environmental safety and hazardous waste reduction. These "next generation" lubricants offer performance benefits such as higher film strength, as well as thermal and oxidation resistance that can greatly enhance overall operational efficiency while at the same time enhancing our global environment.

ArrowStamp lubricants have been used successfully on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel and titanium.

AQMD compliant and super compliant products available for customers in Southern California.

ArrowStamp 1100 Oil Soluble Drawing & Stamping Fluid

General purpose, extra heavy duty drawing and stamping lubricant. Performs well on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Offers excellent film strength, high rust threshold and high lubricity. Economical to use.

ArrowStamp 139 Stamping & Drawing Lubricant

Developed for use as a general purpose metalworking lubricant. Can be used in a variety of machining operations including stamping and drawing metals. Offers superior finishes, rapid heat dispersion, and excellent tool life. Translucent for better work visibility.

ArrowStamp 80-B Aluminum Magnesium Stamping Lubricant

Developed for use in metalworking applications such as stamping, blanking, forming, and drawing. Can be used on magnesium, aluminum, copper, brass, and certain light gauge ferrous metals. Ideal for use where sulfur and chlorine in metalworking fluids is prohibited.

ArrowStamp 8492-L Stamping Lubricant

Medium duty, general purpose stamping oil for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Translucent for better work visibility. Offers superior finishes, rapid heat dispersion and excellent tool life.

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