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Products / ArrowCut

Chem Arrow’s 35 years of formulating and manufacturing experience has enabled us to develop a comprehensive line of quality cutting oils. Chem Arrow’s ArrowCut line offers products suited to meet a wide range of applications and alloys.

Our world class offering of cutting oil products includes fluids developed for stamping, drawing, machining, and broaching. Formulated with the latest technology available, Chem Arrow’s elite line of fluids will increase productivity and lower your overall operating costs.

AQMD compliant and super compliant products available for customers in Southern California.

Excellent tool life Wide variety of applications Multi-metal capabilities
Superior finishes EP & anti-weld properties AQMD super compliant/compliant

ArrowCut 137 Honing Oil

Heavy duty, petroleum based, honing oil. Can be run on a variety of alloys.

ArrowCut 20751 Cutting & Grinding Oil

Multi-purpose, non-corrosive cutting oil. Compatible with most machine tool lubricants & hydraulic oils.

ArrowCut 27-P Cutting & Grinding Oil

Light duty machining oil compatible with most alloys. Uniquely formulated to be compatible with most machine oils, minimizing the effects of contamination. Can be used on copper & brass.

ArrowCut 28-M Cutting & Grinding Oil

Medium duty straight oil. Contains a variety of extreme pressure additives. Allows rapid heat dispersion & anti-welding characteristics.

ArrowCut 35025 Synthetic Cutting Oil

Designed as a general purpose metalworking lubricant for ferrous & non-ferrous metals. Effective on carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium exotic metals. Environmentally friendly.

ArrowCut 5 Cutting & Grinding Oil

Heavy duty cutting oil with multiple extreme pressure additives. Can be run on a variety of machining operations.

ArrowCut 7999 Honing Oil

Heavy duty cutting, grinding, & honing oil. Can be run on a variety of alloys. No odor.

ArrowCut 80-B Cutting & Grinding Oil

Light duty mineral oil developed with enhanced wetting properties to improve film strength. Alloys include aluminum, copper, brass and certain light gauge ferrous metals.

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