Chem Arrow's facilities are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

As an "essential business" needed to support manufacturing our facilities will remain open. Please call or email your local Chem Arrow office to verify current office hours and shipping schedules.

Products / Immersion Cleaner


Chem Arrow offers a complete line of high performance, in process cleaners. Our 35 years of experience and formulating expertise has resulted in the creation of products that meet a wide variety of needs.


Case Studies

ArrowClean 9490 Premium Liquid Heavy Duty Cleaning Compound

Heavy duty synthetic cleaning and degreasing compound. Provides rapid penetration & thorough cleaning action to suspend dried-on oils and film residues. Excellent for cleaning fats and grease and is hard water tolerant. Approved for use in the oil industry, both crude and refining. May be used in steam cleaners and high pressure washers.

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