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Case Studies / HVAC

Arrow 8997-FRI Evaporative Lubricant

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Drawing, Stamping, Forming

Fin stamping / Medium duty 10-18 FPI

Previous Fluid
Conventional evaporative lubricant
Industry leading corrosion protection
Machine Type
Burr Oak FP-3 Fin Press
A large United States air conditioning equipment manufacturer required a lube that has extraordinary formicary corrosion resistant capability. The lube would also need to meet the company’s stringent requirements for wettability and downstream operation compatibility.
Chem Arrow’s Arrow 8997-FRI Evaporative Lubricant was extensively tested over a 6 month period due to the importance of the formicary corrosion issue. The outcome of the testing was positive. After 15 years of using Arrow 8997-FRI successfully as their standard product, this customer continues to randomly test coils to ensure the product is performing well under their strict standards. This demonstrates Arrow 8997-FRI’s unique ability to exceed tough industry standards. By switching to Arrow 8997-FRI, this customer was able to stop washing their coils which saved them thousands of dollars in production costs annually.

All of the above products have been independent laboratory tested for refrigerant compatibility, corrosion protection and hydrolytic stability. Documentation is available upon request.

*VOC percentage based on EPA method 24.