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Case Studies / HVAC

Arrow 5697-FRM Fin Stamping Lubricant (Low VOC*)

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Bending, Drawing, Stamping, Forming

Fin stamping / Medium to light duty 8-22 FPI

Previous Fluid
High VOC conventional evaporative
Advanced low VOC fin lube
Machine Type
Burr Oak FP-3 Fin Press
A multinational manufacturer required a low VOC lube which possessed the properties necessary to produce evaporator and condenser coils. They did not want to wash the coils and the lube had to be compatible with their paint spraying system.
After a long testing period Chem Arrow’s Arrow 5697-FRM was approved for use by this manufacturer. Arrow 5697-FRM proved it could easily handle this customer’s stamping requirements and provided enough wettability to adequately provide the hydrophilic surface on the evaporator coils they were manufacturing. The customer achieved the results they were looking for in the downstream operation by controlling the applied film thickness going on to both sides of the fin stock. They were able to achieve this by utilizing a wiper system located in the bath, behind the pinch rollers. This control enabled the company to decrease their lubricant usage and also solved the problem of too much residue left behind on the fin stock. Arrow 5697-FRM contains 40% VOC under EPA Method 24.

All of the above products have been independent laboratory tested for refrigerant compatibility, corrosion protection and hydrolytic stability. Documentation is available upon request.

*VOC percentage based on EPA method 24.