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Case Studies / HVAC

Arrow 5698-FRM Fin Stamping Lubricant (No VOC*)

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Bending, Drawing, Stamping, Forming

Fin stamping / Full range 4-22 FPI

Previous Fluid
Low VOC lube
Low to no VOC multi-duty fin stamping lube
Machine Type
Burr Oak FP-3 Fin Press
This multinational customer had been very happy with their current Chem Arrow lube but now needed to considerably lower their VOC limit within the organization. They wanted a lube that would perform as well as their current product but have a VOC level of between 0-15% under EPA Method 24. Cost was also a consideration as they wanted to save money rather than increase their annual lubricant costs.
Chem Arrow specifically formulated Arrow 5698-FRM to meet this customer’s new requirements. This product, which is within the 0-15% VOC range, went through extensive testing required for approval. The fluid had to pass the corrosion acceptance level, refrigerant, plastic, and paint compatibility test. The product’s stamping lubricity and wettability also had to be in line. Arrow 5698-FRM was applied though the customer’s own CNC controlled application system and the results were better than originally expected. By switching to Arrow 5698-FRM, the customer was able to exceed all company mandated VOC limits. They were also able to reduce their fluid usage by 40% annually due to the high lubricity nature of Arrow 5698-FRM which allows it to be applied at minimum film thickness levels.

All of the above products have been independent laboratory tested for refrigerant compatibility, corrosion protection and hydrolytic stability. Documentation is available upon request.

*VOC percentage based on EPA method 24.