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Case Studies / HVAC

ArrowHVAC 20475 Synthetic Hair Pin & Expander Lubricant (No VOC*)

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Hairpin bending & expanding

Previous Fluid
Old fashioned synthetic lube
State-of-the-art zero VOC hair pin & expander lubricant
Copper tubing
Machine Type
Burr Oak bending machine
A large Mexican coil manufacturer wanted better performance than they were experiencing with their current lube. They wanted better brazing compatibility and low smoke. This customer also needed a lube that was compatible with the latest refrigerants being used in today’s industry.
This customer tested ArrowHVAC 20475 for over 4 months, including independent laboratory testing to measure against their strict approval criteria. The product passed and was subsequently approved. During the testing period ArrowHVAC 20475 was found to enhance the brazing process and gave off very little smoke. These qualities were formulated into the product at Chem Arrow’s laboratory in Irwindale, CA and were completed in such a manner that the product cost is highly competitive.

All of the above products have been independent laboratory tested for refrigerant compatibility, corrosion protection and hydrolytic stability. Documentation is available upon request.

*VOC percentage based on EPA method 24.